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Yes loans Perth.

My Story

I am 11 yo Lily Grummels. My Dad Ben taught me on 17 June 2023 how to use WordPress to build my first website. It was not easy because he is not a web designer. He paid me $21 per hour so that I could go shopping at Karrniyup tomorrow with the $84 I earned. He did offer me $15 per hour but I bargained with him for $21 per hour.
Dad is an SEO expert in Perth and has over 500 domain names so he let me pick yesloans.loans to practice building this website.



My Mission

I want to provide online advertising with dofollow links for Australian financial service providers including finance brokers in Perth so that I can have a bit of pocket money to go spend with my friends.



This is the second business work I’ve done for dad. Last year I was doing contract data entry on Google Sheets and creating marketing analysis charts.
For sale are my skills, knowledge, this website and dad’s domain name YesLoans.loans so contact me if you’re interested. I don’t have a SIM card yet but I hope my income will allow me to afford a SIM soon. In the meantime use the secured by Google contact form.


I’m learning more about digital marketing in Perth from my dad so in time hopefully this Yes loans website in Perth will become even more popular and serve as an online advertising platform for financial services businesses in Perth and Australia wide.

Please contact me if you’d like your ad, advertorial or online advertising information.

Higher Sales

It takes time and knowledge to get more borrowers looking at your brand and sales information. What Yes loans Perth does is drive traffic to your Australian loans website from dofollow link juice and from a website and page that’s related to your keywords.

Customer Satisfaction

I strive for financial services business customer satisfaction by providing effective worthwhile low price Australian financial services marketing in the form of online advertising. If you need help with other types of digital marketing such as SEO then contact my dad Ben Grummels.


Yes loans Perth Team

My Dad and I.


Ben Grummels SEO expert Perth.

Ben Grummels

SEO expert Perth, holding me with Vientiane in the background near where I was born.

Lily Grummels

Yes loans Perth website designer Perth.

Have Questions about Online Advertising For Your Australian Financial Services Businesses?

Eg How much does online advertising in Perth cost on Yes loans?
Answer: $1 per day on my online advertising page.

2023 Perth Businesses


Yes car loans Perth.


Yes car loans Perth.

All Australian Finance is based near new car dealers in Perth‘s northern suburb of Wangara. Just because you’re buying a car from a Perth car dealer, doesn’t me you have to lock into their car loan deal on their terms. Get a yes for personal car finance or business car loans in Perth.



Healthcare Marketing Perth

Orthopaedic shoulder surgery Perth including rotator cuff surgery and shoulder replacement surgery.

Chronic shoulder pain surgical treatment by Dr Blakeney a Perth orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in expert shoulder surgery in Perth including rotator cuff surgery, hip surgery, knee ACL surgery and new techniques in AMAZING shoulder replacement surgery in Perth. Albany WA too.

Loan for ACL surgery in Perth.
Loan for ACL surgery in Perth.

If you’ve had an ACL injury in Perth causing chronic knee pain then Dr Meyerkort, an orthopaedic surgeon in Perth specialises at his West Perth knee clinic doing expert knee surgery such as pinhole surgery (knee arthroscopy) which might be all that is needed to repair a torn meniscus. For a serious ACL tear, you might need ACL replacement surgery in Perth or even a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery.

Teeth Braces Perth

Loans for new teeth braces Perth.
Loans for new teeth braces Perth.




Tradie Services Australia

Free tradie online advertising Australia
Free tradie online advertising Australia

Post your sales pitch, tradies at work photos and link back to your tradie website for free tradie promotion reaching people searching for a tradie within 20km of your NZ or Australian tradie address. Your linked pin with your photo shows up on the map of Australia.


Buy new timber flooring for sale in Perth from the Elwood wood flooring display showroom in Perth’s northern suburb of Balcatta.

Buy new timber flooring for sale in Perth with wood floor installation included in the affordable Perth flooring price.
Buy new timber flooring in Perth.

Office Renovation Service Perth

 Perth Office Fitout makes 100% tax deductible, affordable office partitions in Perth, prefabricated off site and installed quickly on weekends and holidays to minimise office disruption.
Perth office fitout office renovation Perth.
Perth office fitout office renovation Perth.

Perth Renovation Tradies

 Home Renovation Perth does online advertising for renovators in Perth and small renovation businesses like second story home extension builders in Perth – the NuChange Building company.
Second story home extensions builders Perth.
Second story home extensions builders Perth.
Commercial and home TV antenna installation services in Perth's northern suburbs.

Telewest install MATV systems in which one TV aerial feeds to many televisions in for example an apartment building, office block or mining camp. When Perth winter storms blow TV antennas off your roof, phone Telewest for fast, reliable quality TV aerials to match the quality of your 4K or 8K TV picture quality. 

Bulk fuel storage tank sales and hire Perth.

Get a Yes loan to buy bulk fuel storage tanks for sale in Perth or hire a bulk diesel fuel storage tank in Perth’s northern suburbs for tradie building/construction project in remote parts of Western Australia. International Fuels Perth, Geraldton, and Karratha have a range of fuel tank sizes to suit the needs of tradies working far from fuel delivery options.